Soon, the 110th edition of the KAT-blad will be published, containing a travel report of the study trip, an item about a hearing deaf-community and an item about sneezing in different languages. 

Do you want to help us with the 111th issue? E-mail your ideas or articles to katblad.uva@gmail.com!

The ‘KAT-blad’ is (Sign-) Linguistics’ own magazine at the University of Amsterdam.

The KAT-blad was first published in january 1970, then called the SATblad. Since 1985, it was renamed KAT-blad and received the issn number 0926-065-x.


Below you find the most recent issues of the KAT-blad.

Disclaimer: VOS is not responsible for these magazines and even though it may have contributed to it, it has nothing to do with its organisation, contributions, content, design and redaction.